At Turkey Sleep we focus exclusively on only one product because we strongly believe that sleep quality is the one area in which most people may need a supplement.

To that end, we heavily researched the entire Tryptophan product market and found that no other brand had fully researched Tryptophan carefully and thoroughly, and instead just trying to sell as many bottles of everything as they can.

The scientific evidence clearly points toward the possibility of improved health both physically and mentally via proper nutrition. Growing evidence supports the theory that proper serotonin levels are necessary for healthy mental functioning, which is good for both individuals and society, in our opinion.

We openly list our ingredients and do not hide behind any proprietary blends as we want to be as transparent as possible. After all, we like to follow the Golden Rule.

We encourage our customers to read up on Tryptophan as as much as possible to see if its the right fit for you, and then you will also learn whey we include the key B vitamins and Magnesium in exactly the amounts specified.