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Why Do So Many Supplements Seem To Be The Same?

There definitely does seem to be some uncanny resemblances when you go searching for supplements, right?

You start looking around at the sea of bottles, and they all seem to have the same ingredient in exactly the same dose size, like 500 mg or 1000 mg.

And to top it all of they all seem to have similar labels probably designed by the same graphic artist.

What can we deduce from this sea of sameness?

I propose one possible reason….

Basically all the big manufacturer’s are just copying each other!

They don’t even try and research any of the ingredients in their product at all. They just see what the other guys are doing, and make the exact same version, with the exact same formula.

Copied right down to the dosage level…

That’s just downright lazy.

At least make an effort to figure out what is this product that is being sold here and what does it do, and how can we make it better.

Don’t just copy the exact same formula from another brand and think that you are helping people.

When we started researching tryptophan supplements from all the major brands, we noticed that it seemed that all the dosages were pretty much all the same.

And after doing our research on exactly how tryptophan works and how tremendously beneficial it can be, we realized something even worse about all these brands.

They didn’t research optimum tryptophan standards at all!

If they did, they would have found plenty of peer reviewed scientific papers that spoke about various dosages for optimum tryptophan supplementation.

They also would have come up with blends that had the right additional nutrients needed for tryptophan to even be metabolized properly.

But no, we didn’t see that anywhere.

Instead, they offered cookie-cutter blends that are actually probably doing more harm than good.

Good research shows that tryptophan at just half the 500 mg dose plastered everywhere has a better impact on sleep latency.

And on top of that, optimum Tryptophan metabolism requires Vitamin B5, B6, and B9 in the enzymatic process to even get going into the bloodstream.

So that’s why we just had to make Turkey Sleep.

The right sized dose of Tryptophan, with the exactly the additional nutrients needed to aid the melatonin and serotonin synthesis process.

unsplash-logoPhoto By: Kameron Kincade